Rattlesnake bites and venom

All about a rattlesnakes bites and venom

image of a rattle snakes fangs

All rattlesnakes have a set of fangs, which are usually used to injected their prey, and even humans with venom. Different rattlesnakes contain different types of venom, however the most common venom is thermostatic

venom, which will be discussed during this web page. Sometimes, rattlesnakes deliver bites with either contain no Venom, or very little, this is due to they may be biting defensively or the rattlesnake may be hurt.



If you are unlikely enough to be bitten by any type of rattlesnake, GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. Do not hesitate what so ever.


As mentioned previously, most rattlesnakes contain a venom named thermostatic, this venom stops blood from clotting and destroys tissue and organs. Usually permanent scarring will occur as a result of being bitten, delayed treatment for a rattlesnake bite, could lead to loss of limbs and possibly death. Within the US, only an estimate of 15 people die per year from rattlesnake bites, usually because they cannot get medical treatment quickly enough.