RattleSnake Species

Information regarding different types of rattlesnakes

There are approximately 30 different rattlesnakes located across the world, below is more information regarding popular rattlesnakes. For more information on a particular rattlesnake, click the image or link located next to it.



Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

image of eastern rattle snake

The Eastern Diamondback is the largest venomous snake located within North America, this particular snake can grow to an astonishing 2.7 meters (around 8 feet) in length, but usually grow to around four to five feet. As you can see from the image image located left, the Eastern Diamondback's body is usually a shade of dark or light brown.  It is also the heaviest snake located within the The New world.


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Timber Rattlesnake

The Timber rattlesnake is part of the venomous pit viper species,  which are usually located within the eastern part of the US. Timber rattlesnakes usually have an average length of around 1 meter, to 1.5 meters. This particular snake is starting to become an endangered species in places such as NEW HAMPSHIRE.


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